Top 7 Tips to Choose a Best Vacuum Cleaner

Dust is a common problem for those who live in cities and towns and it creates lots of health problems such as sneezing, asthma, allergy, etc.

Dusts and dirt cannot be removed completely by using brooms. If you want to get an effective cleaning result, you must use vacuum cleaners.

Dusty environment is the major reason for harboring millions of dust mites. This further complicates problems such as asthma, dust allergies and sneezing. So, choosing a reliable vacuum cleaner for your home is extremely important!


How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

how to choose the vacuum cleanerDirt and dust will be common if you have kids, pets or dogs. Before inventing vacuum cleaners, the floors were cleaned by using brooms. Using some wet mop for cleaning it further is very tedious and wastage of energy and money.

So, vacuum cleaners are the ideal way to make your home perfectly free from dust and dirt. So you must select one with utmost care. Following are some of the criteria to select a right vacuum for your reference.

Before buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to read lots of reviews, which will be helpful for you to select the best one that gives you maximum satisfaction. A great small vacuum cleaner keeps your home, basement, or garage clean.


Cleaning Purpose

You can select one on the basis of the place you are going to use it. An upright vacuum cleaner is the best if you want to use at home with more carpets. A canister vac is more effective for hard floors and less carpets. Handheld vacuum cleaner is the best option if you want to clean surfaces such as tight spaces, car, or worktops.

If you have wooden floor, you need to take a cleaner with different cleaning action. Today, most upright vacuum cleaners have an option to turn off brushes. If your need to clean both surfaces, you must select a cleaner accordingly.


Bagged or bagless

Another decision making should be made between bagless or bagged cleaners. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. If you buy bagless cleaner, you need not buy new bags, which is highly expensive too. Bagged cleaners are very hygienic because the chances of escaping dusts when you empty will be very less.


Filtration System

If you are suffering from asthma, sneezing, and allergies, vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters will be the best choice. These types of cleaners are designed for capturing the smallest particles of dust and dirt. Cleaners without HEPA filters will not be able to suck up dusts so closely.



As always, this is another important consideration especially if you have budget constraint. Generally more expensive models are always more reliable but you should read the customer reviews available online. Some of the cheaper models also can do a nice job.



The lightweight vacuum is always a prefer choice? Depending on how you will going to use the machine and which areas of your home, you should get a canister, upright, handheld or even a robotics.

Every type of vacuum comes with many models and some are lighter than others. So choose wisely. I hope I can do some reviews and recommendations for you.


Accompany Attachments

You must also consider the accessories you need while buying a vacuum. Some cleaners are coming with basic accessories, which some others carry advanced attachments. You can also buy a cordless vacuum per your need.


Warranty and Support

The longer warranty the better as anything happen to your cleaner will be covered by manufacturers. Some good model can offer up to 7-year warranty while others small models mostly only one year.

Also, try to access the manufacturer support system to see how helpful they are. How you can reach them if you need help? Phone call, live chat, skype, online forum/FAQs, etc. You also can test how knowledgeable is the support personnel by calling them and ask few questions regarding your machine.


Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

Here are some of the best small vacuum cleaners reviews which are available at are:

When talking about the small or lightweight cleaners including the stick vacuums, I should recommend the Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This is a model that I sold a lot when I was in the vacuum industry. In fact, it’s still one of the best stick vacuums in the market now.

Recently, I just use the robot vacuum to clean my house and found that it’s very convenient and here are the models that I personally reviews it:

If you are planning to buy a vacuum cleaner, you must also consider about the price and shipping option especially if you buy it online. Beside local vacuum stores, the online stores like Amazon and walmart can be a great place to get your ideal cleaner. Evaluating all these factors will be helpful for buying the best vacuum cleaner as per your need.

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