Valmont’s Sustainability Reports

Valmont Industries is committed to providing products and services that enhance the lives of our customers, employees, and communities, and to do so in an increasingly efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

As part of this commitment we will provide products and services that support sustainable infrastructure development and the efficient use of water for agriculture.

We will work to improve our use of raw materials, energy and water in the manufacture of our products and provision of our services, and we will strive to reduce the emissions, discharges and wastes that our operations generate.


Valmont 2019 GRI G4 Sustainability Report

Valmont Sustainability Report

Valmont Sustainability Whitepaper

Valmont’s Commitment to Environmental Excellence

Valmont Industries is committed to conserving resources and continuously improving our environmental performance and its impacts on our employees, customers and communities. To meet this challenge we will strive to use the natural resources we consume including raw materials, energy and water as efficiently as possible with a commitment to continuous improvement. We will work to fully quantify and reduce the emissions, discharges and wastes our operations generate and will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

We have implemented an Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability Playbook with 6 primary areas of focus:

  • Environmental Team Work
  • Employee Training
  • Impact Assessment
  • Global Standards
  • Environmental Management, Objectives and Targets
  • Reporting and Metrics

Valmont’s Commitment to Health and Safety Excellence

Valmont Industries is committed to creating a culture where a healthy and safe workplace is recognized by everyone as essential to our success. To support this vision we believe:

  • An incident-free work environment is necessary and achievable
  • Management is responsible for providing leadership, processes and resources to achieve zero incidents
  • Active engagement of all employees in the processes to reduce exposure to hazards is essential
  • Compliance with Valmont’s Health and Safety standards and local laws and regulations is our responsibility


We have implemented a Health and Safety Playbook with 6 primary areas of focus

  • Management Commitment, Goals and Objectives
  • Employee Involvement
  • Worksite Analysis and Self-Assessment
  • Global Standards for Hazard Prevention and Control
  • Worksite and Employee Training
  • Reporting, Metrics and Analysis