Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, 33A1 Review

Looking for a dependable, cost efficient, small handheld vacuum cleaner to deal with pet hair or other small messes? You need to check out Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum.

If you’re the owner of a pet that sheds its hair a lot, you’re already familiar with the hassle and frustration of trying to remove this hair from your carpets or furniture. The hair seems to never want to all be vacuumed up, and as soon as you think it’s all been taken care of you tend to find more.

This review article will let you know all the features, advantages and disadvantages of this Bissell handheld vacuum cleaner.


The Vacuum Features

1.      Equipped for Pet Hair

Bissell pet hair eraser handheld vacuumThe Bissell pet hair eraser is designed specifically with this issue in mind. This very light weight model (about 5 pounds) is equipped with a rubber contour nozzle which is what makes it so effective at dealing with pet hair. This rubber nozzle can also be removed and replaced with the hard plastic one which comes with it for cleaning crumbs, dirt, etc. from anywhere you can bring it.


2.      Suction Power

With the average suction power of 4 amps, you can use it to suck almost any reachable places. This handheld vacuum packs quite a bit of power in its 10 by 5 by 8-inch frame which is evident with its ability to handle most messes in a pinch. Upon startup, a small “kick-back” effect is even noticed, revealing its powerful suction capabilities before even giving it a real test.

The dirt container is easy to remove, and a simple dump of its contents is about all the clean up that is necessary, aside from its filters which are also removable and washable.


3.      No Need to Charge

The pet hair eraser is a corded vacuum, removing the issue of having to recharge prior to vacuuming or running out of power in the middle of cleaning. Its 16 foot cord makes cleaning a large area without having to change plugs very simple, and the cord wrap system included makes storing in small places a breeze.

At around $30.00, the Bissell Pet Eraser cannot be beat as a simple, cost effective handheld vacuum that can get the job done.


To summarize, here are the top features of this handheld vacuum:

  • Hand held vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pet hair pick-up.
  • Cyclonic Cleaning System proven to be very efficient.
  • A bagless cleaner (save your money of buying the bag).
  • Washable HEPA media filter and filter screen to captures almost all the dusts and pollens.
  • Dirt container that can be empty when it’s about to full.
  • Easy-grip handle; fingertip-access on/off switch for your convenient.
  • Interchangeable hard nozzle and flexible rubber contour nozzle was included if you get the cleaner.
  • 16-ft long power cord and the cord can be wrap.
  • Measures approximately 10 by 5 by 8-inch.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


The Pros and Cons of Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum

Bissell-pet-hair-eraser-handheld-vacuum-33A1No device is perfect as for this cleaner too. However, this Bissell pet hair cleaner was a hot seller product on Amazon and hence you can rely on it.


  • Good price
  • The two attachments let you easier to clean (compare to roll-brush device) the pet hair.
  • Get many positive comments on major online stores like Amazon and Wal-mart. This is proven that it’s a reliable vacuum.


  • The 16-ft cord is a bit short if you are cleaning a bigger room.
  • It blows air out the side but if you use the vacuum for erasing pet hair from your upholstery, you won’t have that problem.
  • It gets hot with extended use but the suction still okay.


Conclusion – This is a Lightweight and Cost Effective Vacuum

After you read through this article, you know that the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum is a vacuum that you can rely on!

If you’re looking for a lightweight vacuum that mainly for pet hair removal, this device for you. If you expect to also use it for other things, this is NOT the ideal choice.

Your house appliances like fans, couches, curtains, etc will look like new and free of pet hair if you use the device to clean it.

After all, Bissell is a brand that you can trust and this was an item that could use over and over again, rather than using once and throwing away.

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