Is Hand Vacuum Cleaners Worth to Invest?

I wrote an article on the benefits of a small vacuum cleaner before, this article will be more focus on hand held vacuum – a small vacuum that are highly recommended.

Hand vacuum cleaners allow the home owner to maintain the house to look as good as new. When you buy hand vacuum cleaners you ensure that you give your home an appliance that will help it looking fresh and good.

If you are the proud home owner you will certainly want to make sure that your house remain clean and tidy. Homes are a reflection of our personality. Therefore, it is certainly important that we keep our homes looking neat and dust free. This kind of an environment will enable us to remain healthy too.

The handheld vacuum cleaners come along with several benefits and one of the most liked and appreciated one by the users is the ability to pick up wet and dry messes as well. This makes the hand vacuums really versatile to be used.

The hand held cleaners are operational at a voltage of about 7 to 8 watts and this makes it quite a powerhouse. It is able to work effortlessly on the cordless power and with just the use of a push button you will be able to have the nozzle reaching out for the most hard to reach areas and pushing out the hidden dirt and dust.

The hand vacuum cleaners are good enough to be operational on many kind of surfaces including the hard floors, carpets and rugs or any kind of flooring or upholstery. This will make you use it anywhere that you want to. When you have hand vacuum cleaners they will be easy enough to empty and the dirt cup will not allow any spills or for you to come in contact with the dust and dirt. This will guarantee that all allergies are kept away from the user.

The hand held cleaners has all the parts that can be detached and are washable so that you can thoroughly clean it before you start using it for another round of cleaning. When you use it you will have a reusable filter in it which can be reused and hence there is not wastage. You will not need to spend any further money on getting the parts or accessories for the hand vacuum cleaners.

The hand vacuum cleaners have rechargeable battery that allow one to have power whenever they want to go about with the cleaning. The bracket can be wall mounted and stored so that it does not occupy extra space where space is a constraint. Most of the hand vacuum cleaners have a one year warranty in them so that if anything goes wrong you can always fall back on it.

The size of the hand vacuum cleaners is quite small compare to traditional vacuums and this makes it compact and easy to handle. The hand held vacuum are one kind of cleaner that you will certainly not be able to do without once you start using them.

Several people first started using it with a lot of skeptic views but later on have got hooked on to the hand vacuum cleaners.


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What are the Features of Robotic Vacuums?

The robotic vacuums are great cleaning devices for the users having mobility issues or are too busy with their times. These machines are disk-shaped, small in size, operate on sensors and are powerful devices. Basically, the robotic machines work on programming basis.

The prices of this type of vacuum machines are based on their features and brand. In general, they can cost anywhere between $150 to more than $1000. As you may know, recently I just bought an iRobot roomba 770 robotic vacuum and I also write review of this cleaner here.

In today article I am going to show you the features of robotic vacuums so that you can make your purchase decisions wisely.

1. Time Saver

These vacuums are time saver easy programming and auto functioning help the users save their time and save their energy while they are too exhausted to spend time cleaning. Moreover, these products would require very less or no supervision at all.

2. Cleaning devices especially for people with issues with mobility

The vacs were specially designed to target the market of users that have mobility problems. Not only this machine help those users keep their households clean, but also the machine helps them save money from investing into housecleaning services.

3. Advanced Features

The features of the vacs come with their models. High margin items have sophisticated sensors and some items have large bags for dust. The products have detection capacity to detect surface changes. When the machines reach to the walls, they turn around to different direction automatically.

4. Auto Recharge option

The device can be programmed to go back to its docking station and recharge if battery runs low after it finishes its task. This cleaver innovation let you do the cleaning even you’re not at home.

5. Set the boundaries

In most of the models, you can set your desired space you want to be cleaned. The machine would not breach the cleaning surface limits set on the program. But most of the time, you can use it to clean anywhere at your home as once the robot cleaner detect any hard items, it will automatically bounce back to clean other places.

6. Dust detection

The vacs can detect the amount of dust in different spots of the cleaning surface and do the cleaning jobs automatically. So, it’s hassle-free!

7. Minimal Maintenance

The machines do not need much maintenance; moreover, you can get more out of your product by choosing the high-quality brands’ top margin vacs like iRobot Roomba series. However, it all depends on the way you use them.

8. Clean underneath your furniture

The machines are small in size, so they can clean underneath your furniture. The robotic vacs can serve you in its best if you handle them properly. Most of the machines are very high end and you can rely on them for years. It is important that you compare between brands before you initiate your purchase decision. Branded models like iRobot Roomba 880, Neatobotvac, Samsung POWERbot are the best products in the market. However, each product from a good manufacturer would definitely satisfy the users.

So, those 8 features are the main features that usually you can find on a robotic vacuum. If you are still unsure on which model to choose from, I also write some reviews on the popular robotic vacuum models (can be found on this site).

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Recently I like to use robot vacuum to help me clean the house. Simple it’s easy and effortless!

Robotic vacuum is one of the most helpful household appliances that could save you lot of time in cleaning. Even you can just leave it do the cleaning jobs while you are away…how nice is this device?

Here are some of the most common reasons why you should consider getting a robot vacuum cleaner for your house.

  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can get your job done better and faster

Cleaning job can be tedious and nobody likes to do it and hiring a home assistant or maid is not as easy as compared to the last century. With the robotic vacuum cleaner, it has brushes, filters, cleaning mechanisms, and all within a well-built casing, you can get your home cleaned at no time.

  1. Ease of use with no special skill required

From the name implied, this machine is fully automated and yes it can work without supervision. You just have to turn it on and leave it to carry out its works, you will find the house sparkling clean just in minutes. You do not need special skill to operate the vacuum and all you need to do is just to press the ON/OFF button.

  1. Compact design makes your life easier

A robotic vacuum cleaner is normally designed to be as compact as possible so that it can go under furniture or confine space. So you are not required to move around the furniture during the cleaning. If you wish to store it, it can put it in any corner of your house easily.

  1. Intelligent technology

The concept for this machine consists of multiple sensors that will detect dirt and to suck it in. The sensors also allow the robot to go toward the dirtiest area in the house and clean it repeatedly until there is nothing detected, by using its random algorithm programming technology. Additionally, the robotic cleaner is intelligent enough by not to fall down steps and stairs. It is also will not hit the wall or go out from the desired cleaning area.

  1. Every household is afford to own one

This machine is by far much cheaper than you can think of. Every household is affording to own one as it is normally priced ranging from $200-$350.

There are so many reasons that may urge you to get one for your home. Other than the user friendly operation and intelligent technology, just imagine how much time you will save in cleaning your house.

Things You Should Never Attempt to Vacuum

I’m sure many of us can relate to the experience of vacuuming up something we didn’t intend to which caused a number of issues for our handheld vacuum cleaner, perhaps even resulting in the need to purchase a new one altogether. Often in our haste to finish the job as quickly as possible, we tend to roll over everything in our path indiscriminately. However, there are some things that you might want to avoid vacuuming whenever possible and just pick up by hand:

  1. Loose hardware

loose hardwareThings such as loose screws, nails, tacks, etc. can be a nightmare when vacuumed. Not only do they make a ton of noise clanking around when vacuumed, they also can tear up any bags or debris containers your vacuum uses. These can be expensive to replace in some instances depending on the severity. Not to mention, loose nails and whatnot can damage the vacuums motor beyond repair.

  1. Drywall dust

I once bought an expensive handheld vacuum cleaner for a fraction of the price at a garage sale due to it being absolutely filled with drywall dust. This sort of project can take days to complete; drywall dust has a habit of getting clogged and stuck everywhere within the vacuum, and every nook and cranny will need to be cleaned out to return it to normal. This is one mistake many people unfortunately make.

  1. Kitty litter

If unused, this is not the case. However, many unfortunate cat owners have found that vacuuming up soiled bits of kitty litter will lead to an awfully bad smelling vacuum over time. By this time, often changing bags and/or filters won’t even be any help. Once the smell has settled in, you can be sure that any room/area vacuumed with that particular vacuum cleaner will take on the smell as well. Take the time and find a broom and dustpan!

  1. Perishable Foods

It may seem tempting to just vacuum up some bits of meat or fruits/vegetables that have fallen on the floor, but don’t do it! It may not even cross your mind as problematic at the time, but those pieces of food won’t look or smell anything like they did when first made when you go to empty your bag or debris container.

  1. Wet soil

wet soilSomewhat obvious, but don’t run your vacuum cleaner over wet soil. This can push the soil to become even matted further into the carpeting, causing a far bigger mess than you started with. Not to mention, the vacuum cleaner itself can become clogged beyond repair by the soil creeping into every little nook and cranny it’s able to find.

These simple mistakes can and are made by anyone and everyone. However, we can learn from others mistakes and save ourselves a lot of time, money and frustration that others have. Keep an eye out for what exactly you are vacuuming and think through what effect the material/debris you are about to vacuum could have on the mechanical parts of your handheld vacuum.

Benefits of a Small Vacuum Cleaner

In our daily life we make many things dirty which include our homes and our cloths. Although some of the dirt are so small and can be wiped off just quickly, the rate at which we mess things up is just painful.

There is nothing as annoying as vacuuming your floor then again almost immediately you find a dot scattered here and there. The dot can be caused by your dog pet that was moving across the floor or even your child who was crawling and even dropping crumbs while eating sandwiches. The thought of taking the vacuum cleaner is not just a solution because the one you have is probably huge and bulky.

That is when you need something portable, something small, something is just joy using and you do not mind using it no matter how many times a day. That is the small vacuum. These hand held gadgets are so important in our lives and are easily used without putting any amount or form of stress to the user. You will not have to lug around heavy and big vacuuming machines even to single dots that are just made immediately after you have vacuumed the floor all you will need is a hand held small vacuum.

Some of the benefits of the small vacuum are that they are:

  • Cheaper
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used to clean small messes
  • And are also easily maneuvered  around

Since hand held vacuum machines are small vacuum, they can be used to clean such small messes with simply and convenience that is demanded. They can also be stored in small cabinets and save you a lot of space and storage area. You will not even worry about the weight of the vacuum because even your teenage can use it well and clean the house when you are not home.

When it comes to cleaning the vacuum you will not need services of cleaning agencies because they are easy to clean as well. You will only need to take and open the gadget and remove all the dust and the debris that is stuck in the machine. The versatility of small vacuums cannot pass unmentioned, the ease and speed you will use to clean messes is far much higher compare to the full size vacuums. When you need to clean small spaces and corners you can easily do that with small vacuum unlike you can with full size vacuums.